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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


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Tradition meets Innovation

Canadian Academy balances an appreciation for tradition with a strong vision of the future.

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community value

International Diversity meets Community Values

Against a backdrop of international diversity, Canadian Academy fosters a culture of belonging.

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Academic Focus meets Creative Enrichment

Opportunities for academic, social, and personal growth enable our students to develop their passions and interests.

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Personal Connections meet Worldwide Opportunities

Canadian Academy opens the door to worldwide opportunities and an alumni network that spans the globe. 

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Community voices

Listen to what our students, parents, alumni, and staff members say and find out how Canadian Academy has impacted their lives.

Parent Testimonials pop up

"Well-Connected and Welcoming Community"

What was your experience like when your family started at CA?

We love it here - it’s such a wonderful community with a good balance of curriculum and experiences for both of our children, in middle school and elementary school. 

I remember when we first came for the tour at CA. I was being shown around the school, and then students from different grades said hi to me as if they already knew me. It felt open and welcoming, and now, having been here for 6 years, I still feel the same every time I am in the school - the friendliness from students to teachers.

How would you describe the CA community?

Well-connected with teachers, parents, and students working together - there are many opportunities and fun events for parents to connect with the community. The parents can be a part of the student’s learning through events such as parent information sessions, coffee mornings, and of course, all the fun PTA events to bring the community together.

What do you like about being PTA president?

I am very honored to be asked to step into this position. It really has been so fun and wonderful working with a diverse group of parents to create different events, connecting and bringing everyone together. I enjoy making it fun and easy for all the CA parents to support and be a part of our children's learning experience at school.

In particular, the International Food Fair is our most looked-forward-to event of the year. We have a variety of food, cultures, entertainment, raffles, and friends; what more can we ask for? Our amazing team has been working so hard to make this event special, and I am very excited to try all the different foods (representing 28 countries this year) and the cultural entertainment. The Parade of Nations is also a lot of fun!

"CA's Strong Presence in the Community"

What is your perspective on CA as a parent?

I like how CA has been adapting over time to incorporate different needs of society, and enhancing the educational program proactively. In particular, I’m impressed with CA’s STEM education and it’s one of the reasons why I chose CA for my children. CA has a strong presence in the international community in Kobe, and I also like to see members of CA, including myself, actively connecting with the local community.

"Strong Sense of Belonging"

What do you like about being a parent at CA? 

From the first day I joined, I received a warm welcome email from the Grade representative inviting me to a coffee morning to get to know other parents. That was just the beginning of my experience of a fantastic, inclusive school community where everyone is accepted. There is a sense of belonging here that you don't find in many other institutions.

What is your perspective on CA as a parent?

I chose CA because I really believe in the IB Curriculum and I wanted a school that mirrored my strength of feeling. That and the additional benefit of a multi-cultural environment with the option to study Japanese at a high level made this the perfect school for our family.

How have your children changed after coming to CA? 

They have both grown as learners - they don't take anything as given. They question, they research, they consult, they collaborate, they advocate for themselves, all with the support of the faculty and staff.  It's been such a pleasure to see them become independent and take control of their education. In addition to academics, the extra-curricular clubs and activities have given them so many opportunities to explore what they really love. Mine are passionate about volleyball and music - I feel it's something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

What do you like about living in Kobe, Japan?

Living in Kobe has provided us with a wonderful and safe environment for my kids to grow. I felt comfortable about letting them do things on their own - traveling to and from school, going out with their friends etc. Also, Japan offers the best of all the seasons - hiking and cycling in Spring and Autumn, beaches in Summer, skiing in Winter.  It's somewhere you can find an activity for your children for every time of year.

Alumni Testimonials pop up

"Global Outlook to Succeed"

How has being a CA alumnus impacted your life?

Being a student at CA gave me a global outlook and the skill set to succeed anywhere in the world. I'm grateful to my friends, classmates, and educators throughout my time at CA for pushing me to grow in countless ways and expanding my horizons.

"A Place like No Other"

How does being CA alumnus impact your life?

Having come to CA as a child, I had exposure to so many other perspectives and I didn’t even realize it. Learning about other cultures and other ways of looking at the world when you are young means that, when you're an adult, you value the idea that there are many different ways to look at the world - there's no ‘right way’.

I'm also very thankful to have gone to CA because I met Mark here. This is our ten year anniversary, so we came to Japan to celebrate being married ten years. (Rebekah)

Are there any moments from your time at CA that had a particular impact on you?

My English class with Mr. Lucas was pretty impactful for me. I think he introduced a whole different way of thinking to me while I was taking Higher Level English. He could pull 15 different ideas out of a two-page short story, and we enjoyed discussing everybody’s different opinions. 

My time at CA was one of the most special times I'll ever have, and it's hard to describe it in finite terms - it's like an abstract feeling of being a part of the community. Everyone is sincere and cares about everyone's future. It's such a unique community, I don't think there's another place like it. (Mark)

"Emphasis on Lifelong Learning"

Why did you decide to come back to your alma mater as a staff member?

As a CA graduate, I feel very fortunate to be back at CA as a member of staff. CA’s emphasis on lifelong learning and community really impacted me as a student. I felt truly inspired by my teachers, and my friends and I still talk about the memories we made in class and on school trips. CA imparted upon me the values of open-mindedness, belonging, and inclusion, which are still very important to me today - so it’s wonderful to be a part of the community again. 

Are there any moments from your time at CA that had a particular impact on you?

The year I arrived at CA as a sixth grader stands out as a year of many firsts. I celebrated Japanese holidays in class by decorating nengajo for New Year’s and eating roasted soybeans for setsubun. I learned how to ski on the class ski trip. Even the small things, like biking to school with friends and being introduced to new music, new snacks, and new stores, was so meaningful. Suddenly I was learning so much about the world, and not through a textbook, but through the friendships I made and the experiences I was having.

Student Testimonials pop up

"Meaningful Connections"

How was your experience coming to CA as a new student?

This is my 5th year at CA, and I remember the transition was very smooth and easy when I began. Everybody was friendly, and school trips in particular helped me connect with a lot of new friends. 

What do you like the most about being a CA student?

I like that my teachers come from an international background - they make me confident that I can succeed.

"Full of Opportunity"

How was you experience joining CA as a new student?

CA was a good choice for me. The student body is diverse and there are lots of opportunities for school events and trips. I also enjoy making friends from other international schools through sports activities - I’m excited to participate in APAC tournaments in other countries.

This was my first experience of doing MYP, but I didn’t have much difficulty settling in. My teachers thoroughly explained the criteria and grading system so that I could understand them well.

"My Second Family"

What do you like the most about being a boarding student?

What I like the most about being a boarding student at CA is being with my friends, and having somebody to share your thoughts and experiences with. We've become a family at this point. I also like that we have access to all of the facilities at CA; for example, the gym and the lounge, which has a piano that we all enjoy playing.

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A unique Japanese Boarding Experience

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