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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) actively works to strengthen the bond and partnership between the school and the parents for the benefit of the students at Canadian Academy. 

The PTA has been a part of the school community since 1920. Our PTA proudly helps foster community spirit and create opportunities for social and fundraising events, and provide venues for the expression of views on matters of general interest to parents, faculty and students.

PTA meetings are open to all members of our parent community. All parents of CA students as well as all faculty, are members and are encouraged to attend meetings and be actively involved in the many events that support our school community.  Meetings are generally held on the 1st Thursday of each month. Please drop in and get involved!

The PTA supports our Artist in Residence program, hosts our International Food and Fun Fair and elementary Halloween party, supports the Booster Club and our Parent Partner organization, as well as financially supports lasting gifts and the Outstanding Graduate award.

Regular PTA Events

Early Childhood Three Friends

New Parents Welcome

At the start of school, we provide an overview of the different activities and events the PTA supports, and outlines how you can be an active member of our CA community.

Sports Day celebration

Sports Day

An all school event, we provide a 'rest stop' for our active children, giving them a nice treat with which to cool off and catch their breath.

Fall Party for Elementary School Students

Always a thrill and a chill, this afternoon party is for our elementary aged children.  Games, costumes, and prizes are always a hit and a wonderful way to celebrate.

Social Events for Parents and Teachers

We actively look for ways to bring our community together in fun, non-educational ways. These social events are a great opportunity to get to know your child's teachers in a more relaxed, personal way.

International Food and Fun Fair

The biggest event of the year! National costumes and food are always a highlight, as we transform our gymnasium and atrium into a smorgasbord of food, fun, and performances.

Parent Partner Program

A valuable network of partner volunteers who organize and communicate at each grade level. Our parent volunteers are among the first to welcome new families to Canadian Academy, introducing the many opportunities for involvement, both inside and outside of CA.

Booster club

Booster Club

During sporting events and activities, the Booster Club operates a very popular snack booth. All proceeds support our children directly through Canadian Academy's Activities office.

Falcon Store

Need some CA swag? Our Falcon Store is the place to pick up a sweatshirt, t-shirt, or ball cap (amongst other items) for every member of your family.

Head on over to our online Falcon Store

Secondary School Art

Artist in Residence

Artists from around the world come to CA and stay with us-- from a few days to a month-- and are embedded into the classrooms of Canadian Academy. We financially support this exciting and innovative program, in part.

PTA Executive Committee 2021-2022

The PTA can be reached at:

President: Andrea Bickel

Vice President: Amanda Higgins

Treasurer: Matt Thomas

Communications: Renuka Sawhney

International Food and Fun Fair: Viviana Penkhues

Secretary: Charissa Kane

Falcon Store: Susan Mitsui

Parent Partners: Amanda Higgins

Booster Club: Open 

New Teacher Welcome: Fumika Maeda

ES Fall Event Coordinator: Charissa Kane

Latest News and Announcements from the PTA

PTA November 2022 Meeting

All parents are invited to the Thursday, Nov. 3rd, PTA meeting from 9:00 am in our library presentation space (3F).

June PTA Meeting

The PTA invites all parents to our June PTA meeting this Thursday, June 2 at 9:00 am. This meeting will be at Canadian Academy. Thank you for wearing masks and monitoring your health.

PTA April Agenda

The April PTA meeting agenda has been set. All parents are invited to attend our online meeting on Thursday, April 7, at 9:00 am.

International Food and Fun Fair

Be sure to circle Saturday, April 16 on your calendar to join in the fun of our International Food and Fun Fair, sponsored by the PTA.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Our PTA is pleased to announce Teacher Appreciation Week with several activities in which your child can participate, showing their support of all their teachers. Thank you, PTA!

We always welcome extra hands to make these activities come to life. These opportunities are fabulous ways to meet other parents and be a positive influence in the school community.

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