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Assessment @ CA: MAPs Testing

Twice a year, our grade 3 - 8 students sit the Measurement of Academic Progress, or MAPs, test. This online test assesses students' growth in reading, language arts, and mathematics, and provides a means to better understand our students, their strengths as well as opportunities for growth.

Although MAPs provides only one piece of information gathered on one day, it does add to the evidence already collected through classroom tests, projects, activities and discussions as well as individual reflections, feedback and conferences. Educational decisions are then made based on these and additional multiple pieces of evidence.

The MAPs assessment provides feedback in the discrete areas of numbers and operations, patterns and algebra, data analysis and probability, measurement and geometry in mathematics. In reading, literature, informational text, and vocabulary acquisition and use are assessed. For language arts, planning, organizing, developing and reviewing writing, as well as understanding and editing grammar and mechanics are covered.

All the assessment tools used at CA allow our teachers to target support for students, select appropriate teaching and learning strategies, and aid students in setting learning goals. For school leadership, it provides strong evidence on which to evaluate curriculum, strategies, and plan for support and resources. For parents, it provides insight into how to support your child's learning and development, as well as a base for conversations with your child and their teachers.

As your child progresses through Canadian Academy, the MAPs assessment will provide a trend of learning and development over time, as well as identify specific areas of strength and opportunity.