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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Dia de los Muertos

Our secondary school students celebrated Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, in their Spanish classes. With stories that they've written (in Spanish), to singing songs (with guitar accompaniment) related to the holiday, to the sharing of ofrendas (or 'offerings') that they built in honor of a loved one's passing, students immersed themselves in this colorful celebration.

Students were able to make comparisons and draw connections amongst a variety of cultures-- Dia de los Muertos, like in many other cultures, is a day to remember those who have passed while cherishing the company of those still with us.

At Canadian Academy, our students study Japanese while in elementary school, and are required to study either Japanese or Spanish in the secondary school. We believe that learning a language is more than just acquiring words; it's also about finding what is common amongst us, breaking down barriers, and helping us to connect at a deeper level of understanding. As well as having fun!