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Now That Conferences Have Finished...

Our elementary and secondary student led conferences have come to a successful conclusion. We certainly hope they provided insight into what kind of learner your child is, how their learning is progressing at CA, and how your child is taking responsibility for their learning. But what comes next?

First, review with your child what was discussed during the conferences, being sure to include those areas that were identified as strengths as well as opportunities for growth. If a specific learning plan was made, it's always a good idea to review and fill in any gaps-- such as the time and place for the agreed upon action.

Don't forget to build upon their strengths! While it is easy to focus on the areas for improvement, often the greatest learning opportunities come from furthering areas of interest and confidence.

You or your child might have additional questions-- we are here to help! Please do contact your child's teacher through email, updating what you have been working on at home as well as asking any clarifying questions as they arise. Over time, it is also a good idea to check in with your child's teacher to follow up on your child's progress at school.

Finally, keep in mind that you and your child's teacher share the same goal-- to help your child continue to grow and take responsibility for their learning.