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CA Students Making News

CA Students Making News

Recently, we have been honored by the actions of 2 of our students who have  emphasized how compassion and continuous work can improve the lives of oneself and of our community.


Student's Piano Performance Earns Prestigious Scholarship

In celebration of talent and dedication, Hikaru Shibata, a budding virtuoso, has been awarded a coveted scholarship from the Association of Music in International  Schools (AMIS) for her exceptional piano  performance. Hikaru’s musical curiosity started from the young age of 3.5years   old when watching her mother play the piano at home drew her to playing around with a piano herself. At the age of 5, she started taking piano a lot more seriously.

 Her musical journey, marked by passion and perseverance, has now reached a significant milestone.

 From countless hours of practice, including attending Masterclasses every Summer, Hikaru has demonstrated her commitment to her craft. This highlights that at CA, lifelong learning extends beyond classroom lessons. Her appreciation goes out to Mr Melton, for introducing her to the AMIS competition, where she competed against students from international schools all over the world. Her final piece of Barcarolle, by Chopin, won her the Piano Finalist Winner, with a scholarship towards education. She has decided to use her funds toward a Masterclass in Warsaw, the hub of musical delight. 

 One of her greatest challenges was working on time management skills so that she could perfect the balance between school expectations and piano practice. Hikaru has mirrored our core value of this challenging experience as an opportunity for growth. Her advice for budding artists is that consistency is key, even if it means 15 minutes of practice a day. 

 As Hikaru embarks on a new chapter and relocates to Poland, she will cherish her fond memories of skiing trips with CA, and the constant support from teachers. We wish her the best of luck and hope that she continues on her musical journey. 

Grade 11 Student Peace Ambassador to Meet Nobel Peace Committee in Norway

In a  commendable achievement, Lorea Fujii, who  serves as a High School Peace Ambassador in  Japan, was invited to meet the Nobel Peace  Committee in Norway. The aim of the High School  Peace Ambassadors is to serve as representatives calling for the abolition of nuclear  weapons.

Lorea’s interest started after visiting Hiroshima with  a friend and learning about the tragedy of the  atomic bomb in detail. Using the CA core  value of  critical inquiry she asked herself, “why didn’t we learn about peace sooner?” and, “why do nuclear weapons still exist today?”. Lorea is currently involved in activities not only in Hyogo but also went to Nagasaki and Hiroshima and visited foreign embassies in Tokyo after which she was chosen to go to Norway as an official delegate. Through her passionate advocacy for the abolition of nuclear weapons and global harmony, her cohort was also recommended for a Nobel Peace Prize. 

Currently in Norway, Lorea met with Ms. Lindboe, the mayor of Oslo city and will visit the Nobel Peace Prize commission for a presentation by peace messengers. Her cohort will also be meeting with many NGO groups and visiting a local high school.

When she returns back from Norway, she will meet with Kobe City Mayor to report the outcomes of Norway visit.

 This trip not only symbolizes her personal commitment to global peace but also demonstrates the mission outcome of CA students, of continuously engaging in actions that positively impact the world. Lorea’s actions highlight the crucial role of school students in the disarmament movement. Lorea is an inspiring reminder that even the youngest voices can contribute significantly to the quest for a  peaceful, nuclear-free world.