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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Academic Excellence

Our Middle Years Program (MYP) Design Grade 8 course aims to provide the means and the context to help students become skillful problem solvers, who can appreciate the role of tools and technology in everyday life and society so they are able to respond critically and resourcefully to real‑life challenges.

Recently, the students began to use our materials lab to gain an understanding of the tools and techniques for working with wood and other materials. The students were asked to create a simple, practical item using the hand tools of the lab. Additionally, their product should have a collective measurement of less than 120 cm and constructed out of easily available and affordable materials. 

While following a plan to exact specifications, the students gained an understanding of the safety and precautions required in using the lab. Additionally they also gained an understanding of the basic tools and techniques required to successfully create a product, such as measuring and marking, cutting, gluing, fastening, and sanding.

Through learning to use the tools safely and effectively, students were able to demonstrate perseverance and persistence, and create a practical item in which they can be proud. The products are on display in our atrium.