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A Memorable Ski Trip to Hakuba, Nagano

A Memorable Ski Trip to Hakuba, Nagano

Nagano is known for its beautiful snowy scenery and excellent skiing opportunities - did you know that it's just an hour flight from Kobe? Over spring break, 17 of our high school students, including 14 boarding students, went on a ski trip to the famous Hakuba area in Nagano. The weather during the trip was nothing but blue skies, and the students were treated to stunning views of snow-covered mountains throughout their seven-day stay. One of the students had never seen so much snow before in his home country and was incredibly excited to be there!

During their time in Hakuba, the students had the choice between skiing and snowboarding. For those who were new to the sports, local instructors were available to provide lessons. Even the more experienced students had the chance to improve their skills, with instructors teaching them how to do tricks such as turning and jumping.

After a day of skiing and snowboarding, the students enjoyed relaxing in the hotel's onsen, or hot springs. The warm baths were the perfect way to soothe tired muscles after a day on the snowy slopes. Ashiyu, or a little bath to warm feet, was also available just next to the slopes. You can imagine how good it is to dip your cold feet in the warm water, sitting next to the snowy view, right?

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One evening, the group celebrated a special occasion - a birthday party! Our boarding students celebrate birthdays every month at the boarding house, but the birthday party in Hakuba felt even more special. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to share a heartwarming moment and strengthen their bonds.

The students returned home with unforgettable memories and stronger friendships. Our boarding trips are always an outstanding opportunity to experience various aspects of Japan and more importantly, to build a stronger sense of belonging.

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