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A smooth transition to the next step

A smooth transition to the next step

Do you feel excited about a transition in life, or is it something overwhelming and stressful for you? Towards the conclusion of the school year, we imagine some students and families are quite excited to move on to the next step. Still, some other students and families feel nervous about the transition. 

With this in mind, we held parent workshops this month, introduced what the transitions look like at Canadian Academy, and shared some ways we support students and families in going through the transitions. Over the three workshops, we discussed the following three transitions: KB to Grade 1 (Kindergarten to Elementary School), Grade 5 to Grade 6 (Elementary School to Middle School), and Grade 8 to Grade 9 (Middle School to High School). 

KB to G1

From ELAC to the Elementary Wing - it’s a huge jump! To support this big transition, KB and G1 teachers work together and provide multiple orientation activities before and during the transition. One of these is the ‘all about G1’ books written by the current G1 students. Mr. Rehel, an Elementary School Learning Leader, recommends that the parents encourage the children’s independence to prepare them for the new step, while uplifting the excitement about it.

KB-G1 transition

G5 to G6

This is another big transition from Elementary School to Secondary School. As secondary students, they are expected to work with more independence and self-management skills. Students meet their advisors every morning, and they are the first point of contact. Advisers work to build trusting connections with students and support students’ social and emotional well-being.

G5-G6 transition

G8 to G9

‘G9 is about exploring interests in and out of the classroom’. As our College Counselor mentioned, it is a good time for students to start thinking about their future planning. The Counselor works closely with students and their families to help them understand their strengths and needs. 

To further personalize and extend students’ learning, there are some changes in academics between Middle School and High School: the MYP Subject Criteria stay the same but expectations increase, and in some subjects, students follow different streams based on their strengths and future planning. 

G8-G9 transition

Knowing that the transition to High School might be overwhelming to students, our subject teachers, advisers, and counselors work collaboratively to maintain a safe environment where students feel a sense of well-being. 


These are just some examples of the transitions and how we support our students for a smooth transition. We understand that everybody experiences a transition in different ways, and there are many different types of transitions we have to go through. If you have any concerns or need support with your transition, please do not hesitate to reach out. Let's work together and make a transition a great opportunity for the next step!