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Adobe Recognizes CA Teacher

Adobe Recognizes CA Teacher

We are delighted to announce that Ms. Shigeta, Canadian Academy’s Elementary School ICT Integration Specialist, has been certified as Adobe Education Leader (AEL) three years in a row. Around 300 people are certified as AELs annually, and 28 of them are from Japan this year. We are extremely proud to hear that Ms. Shigeta was the only one certified among educators working for an international school in Japan.

The certification recognizes that the person is an innovative leader in education who effectively uses Adobe tools to promote excellence in students’ development of creative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The educators in the AEL community are provided opportunities to connect with other members from all over the world, and they actively learn from each other. 

As many of you are aware, Ms. Shigeta has been incorporating her innovative and creative ideas into learning at CA - our elementary students always love her lessons! This year, Ms. Shigeta introduced multiple digital tools, including Adobe’s, for Visual Art, Music, and PYP Exhibition. The students combined the tools with their excellent creativity, which resulted in their amazing digital products. We acknowledge that Ms. Shigeta’s passion, knowledge, and inspiration have tremendously benefited our students, and we truly appreciate it.

Ms. Shigeta’s certification is just an example of our teachers’ excellence. At Canadian Academy, not only students but also teachers are lifelong learners, and passionate about pursuing their expertise. We support their professional development in various ways, whether it be organizing in-house workshops or sending our teachers to national/international conferences. We are proud of our well-conceived scheme for teachers’ professional development, as well as our teachers’ enthusiasm to develop themselves - we are confident that this is how we ensure high-quality teaching and learning at Canadian Academy.