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Amazing International Food and Fun Fair 2023

Amazing International Food and Fun Fair 2023

Kakigori (shaved ice) from Japan, maple cake from Canada, green curry from Thailand, pretzels from Germany, and tacos from Mexico - it was really a tough choice to decide what to eat for lunch and snack!

Canadian Academy’s annual International Food and Fun Fair took place on April 15th. Students, families, staff members, alumni, and friends got together and had so much fun! This event truly highlighted what the CA community is like - diverse, creative, and collaborative.

Food booths:

There were as many as 22 country booths, and everyone became international foodies. A huge thank you to parent and student volunteers, for their dedication in preparing their booths for delicious authentic food and creative decoration.



Parade of Nations:

It is a tradition of the International Food and Fun Fair that CA students and families parade in their traditional costumes and show the spirit of the country. During the parade, the atrium was filled with colorful costumes and national flags, creating a truly inclusive and diverse community.

Games and activities:

Food and the parade were not the only things we enjoyed: the gym was transformed into an amusement park of games! There were face-painting booths, bowling, ball games, and more; all planned and  hosted by the Secondary students independently by collaborating with their peers.The Fair was not only for having fun but also for our older students to showcase their collaboration skills and compassion for younger peers.

Performance on the stage:

Band, orchestra, dance, taiko drumming, and poem recitation - what a variety! Our brilliant students, families, and teachers performed on stage, and the audience totally got swept into the swing of it. Who knew there were so many hidden talents amongst our community?!

Thank you again to our PTA and everybody who worked very hard to make this great event happen. Please check our Instagram and Facebook for more photos. 

We cannot wait for the International Food and Fun Fair next year!