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Boarding Trip to Tokyo

Boarding Trip to Tokyo

As you are aware, our home country, Japan, offers endless opportunities for local experiences, whether it be diving into nature or enjoying the world of anime. We organize a trip for our boarding students every spring and fall break, and it is a wonderful opportunity for them to discover various aspects of the country. The trip destination varies every time; during the fall break this year, our students participated in a thrilling tour, starting from Nagoya and completing in Tokyo

One of the highlights of the trip was kayaking at Saiko, a lake located just next to Mt. Fuji. It was a beautiful sunny day and the sky was clear - our students were fascinated by the amazing view of Mt. Fuji while floating on the water on a kayak. It became an unforgettable moment for them.

The Samurai Experience was another popular part of the trip. The students were excited to enter a samurai-residence-looking studio in Tokyo, and learn how to hold and swing an imitation (not real!) sword. After some practice, they were able to perform like a samurai, beating out a bad man. We are sure they proudly sent their pictures to their families!

Other exciting experiences during the trip included a visit to Ghibli Park, Meiji Jingu, Asakusa, and more. Our students thoroughly savored a wide variety of local experiences.

Living in Kobe as a boarding student at Canadian Academy, our students already have so many places to explore and experience, and those trips make their boarding life even more special and fulfilling. The students deepen their understanding of local culture, as well as build a stronger bond with their boarding friends by participating in the boarding trips.

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