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CA delegates’ strong presence at the Model United Nations General Assembly and Security Council

CA delegates’ strong presence at the Model United Nations General Assembly and Security Council

On the 23rd and 24th of February, 20 high school students from Canadian Academy participated in the Model United Nations conferences hosted by Marist Brothers International School in Kobe. MUN activities including the General Assembly and Security Council have a long history, and CA has been part of it for 36 years. 

We are proud that four of our delegates were awarded Outstanding Delegates for the top 10% of 100 participants from eight schools. We would like to congratulate:

Maher Zaveri - for his knowledge, diplomatic demeanor, and ability to facilitate within the Security Council

Dylan Javeri - for his active involvement and perceptive contributions across multiple debates

Rishi Chaudhari - for his tenacity in defending his amendment regarding factory farming

Seiko Helen Tejirian - for her eloquent and well-informed statements, particularly regarding the militarization of space

"There are plenty of enjoyable aspects to MUN - creativity, intellectual stimulation, and how I am forced to think on the spot," Helen explained how much she has been enjoying MUN and learning from it. Dylan mentioned multiple skills he has been developing through MUN, as "MUN gives me a chance to improve my public speaking and collaborative skills, but I also get to learn about the world around me."

The topics discussed at the MUN General Assembly and Security Council included the militarization of space, factory farming, fast fashion, and young caregivers. The delegates represented different countries and debated solutions to those issues from the perspectives of the countries they were assigned. The benefits are, as Rishi explains, that “MUN allows me to represent countries that I’m not familiar with and argue to defend them in many ways. It teaches me to think about things in ways that are not only morally relevant but more focused on what's best for the country I represent.”

Dylan reflected on the conferences by sharing that "the great part about Marist MUN was that each topic was affecting numerous countries and therefore, I could collaborate with multiple people and hear multiple perspectives."  When asked how delegates prepared for the conferences, Helen answered, "the key to performing well was, without doubt, thorough rigorous research in advance on both the selected issue and one's country, as well as their convergence." 

"One of the topics I'm truly interested in discussing is poverty. I believe it's one issue that not just one country can solve it, but the unified support of all countries can." (Dylan)

Now our MUN students are even more motivated to inquire about more international issues. We are positive that our MUN students will continue to expand their knowledge about various global topics and develop their research and debating skills, which are valuable life-long assets for them.