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Eagle Scouts from Canadian Academy's Boy Scouts of America, Troop 59

Eagle Scouts from Canadian Academy's Boy Scouts of America, Troop 59

If you are familiar with the Boy Scout program, you'll know this is a WOW! - All three scouts from Troop 59, our Boy Scout of America troop based at Canadian Academy, have attained the ultimate scouting award, the Eagle Rank. They deserve huge recognition, as only 4% of scouts ever make it to Eagle. Congratulations to John, Xavier and Yuki.

Indeed, attaining the Eagle rank in the Boy Scout program requires significant commitment over time. Under Scoutmaster Suki Mito (Grade 4 teacher) the scouts attended weekly Troop meetings, weekend campouts, long hikes and various training schedules, working throughout COVID whether it was online or in-person. Each scout has shown fortitude and determination, supporting and inspiring one another and remaining positive and motivated.

"Our troop dwindled during COVID," says Scoutmaster Mito, "and these 3 scouts kept on going despite the challenges. They used resources available to them and got teachers around the school to help them with their merit badges, and even asked Mr Mayhew to cut wood for some wood working service projects. Many people have supported the scouts to help them reach their goals."

An important part of the scouting program involves learning and applying new skills so that they are prepared and ready to help themselves and others in difficult situations, such as a natural disaster. Our scouts have had the chance to develop practical and foundational knowledge in a range of areas - from First Aid to governance, and they have traveled around the country to learn from well-trained leaders who have given their time to our scouts on US military bases and specific scout camps. The three Scouts proudly showed their merit badge sashes, which showed the badges earned after completing training in different areas. 

When asked about the skills they have gained as Scouts, they said, "We have developed our leadership and management skills a lot. We have learned how to work with different people and manage goals as a team. The Scout Motto is, ‘Be Prepared’, and the entire process of accomplishing the Eagle Rank has really made us prepared for everything. It’s not only about survival skills, but also knowledge of different areas such as environmental science and personal fitness, which have prepared us for the next step in our life."

We are extremely proud of Yuki, Xavier and John for their outstanding achievement, and for being home to Troop 59, an amazing troop of scouts. Let’s see what their next journey brings them!