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Elementary after school clubs, and an exciting collaboration!

Elementary after school clubs, and an exciting collaboration!

Our students have a lot of spark within class hours and after school, too. This week, the elementary after school clubs have started, and the students were excited to join the activities of their choice. This season, we offer 24 clubs ranging from crafting to sports. Here are some examples of the clubs. 

Soccer Club: Our soccer program will run in collaboration with Iniesta Academy from this year.  Coaches from the Academy will be teaching our students valuable skills as a soccer player.  60 students from G2 to 5 signed up, and they already had a ball at the first training this week.

Crochet Club: Did you know Mr. Hylden is a crochet expert? He runs the crochet club to share his skills with our G3-5 students. This week, the students started to learn how to crochet and already made colorful bracelets! Crochet is not only about knitting skills but also having a relaxing time focusing on the work - it’s nice to see our students having a pleasant time while learning a new skill.

Dance Fusion: Ms. Layla is passionate about dancing and runs the Dance Fusion Club for G1-5 students. Her style is a mixture of Latin and Oriental, which she grew up with in her home country. The Dance Club students will have a chance to perform in the elementary school assembly. We are looking forward to their performance!

Other after school clubs for elementary students are:

ES Clubs

Some clubs still have spaces left, so please contact our Activities Office if you are interested in joining them!