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ELO - Extended Learning Opportunities for Secondary students

ELO - Extended Learning Opportunities for Secondary students

Media analysis, video editing, and shakyo (transcribing the sutra)... You may think it's unlikely that students learn these skills at school. In fact, these are among the courses that we offer as part of ELO (Extended Learning Opportunities) this semester.

ELO session takes place once every 9 Days for secondary students, and they can participate in the course of their choice. The courses are run by teachers, students, or external lecturers, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills. ELO is an excellent opportunity for our students to dive into wide-ranging topics and explore their interests. 

This week was the first session of ELO this semester, and the students were very excited to start learning something new. The students who chose 'Mindset Training: Performance Under Pressure' were fortunate to have Mr. Wright, an experienced lecturer from the Sports Psychology Department at Staffordshire University, England. He delivered a Stress-Mindset Sports Psychology intervention so that the students could equip with a 'stress-is-enhancing' mindset rather than a 'stress-is-debilitating' mindset, improving both their well-being and sports performance. The students enjoyed listening to the expert, and delving into how to adopt a positive mindset to deal with stress.

Here are some more examples of the ELO courses offered this semester or last year:

AI painting



Law Mock Trial

Pop singing

Red Cross Babysitting Certificate

The Science of Baking

Working with Caterpillar (our partner company)

As you can imagine, it's very hard to choose one course among so many interesting courses! We are grateful to our community for providing an enjoyable and meaningful extension of the learning experience.