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Fantastic Play by Elementary Students ‘The Fearsome Pirate Frank’

Fantastic Play by Elementary Students ‘The Fearsome Pirate Frank’

Our elementary students were absolutely Fearless as they put on their play, 'The Fearsome Pirate Frank.’ They whisked us away on a thrilling adventure into the world of pirates, where Frank, the star of a popular pirate play, finds himself being captured by real pirates. With a lively cast including energetic female pirates, spooky zombies, enchanting mermaids, and captivating narrators, the audience was swept away into excitement and wonder.

What truly made this production brilliant was the remarkable growth and development of the young actors themselves. Over the three months of rehearsals, these students not only showcased their acting skills but also demonstrated some fantastic qualities.

As you can imagine, stepping onto the stage in front of the audience is scary, and this was naturally the case for some of the student actors. However, 'they pushed themselves to do it, and then overcame the stage fright. When they came back with such happy faces, confidently saying "I can do it!", it was one of the best moments to witness their growth.' Ms. Rose, one of the co-directors, reflects on the students' achievements. 

Another outstanding trait was their creativity. Every time they practiced dancing or delivering lines, the students eagerly shared their creative ideas and suggestions, striving to make each scene more lively and engaging. Equally impressive was that they were very caring toward each other on and off the stage. As Ms. Rose describes, 'it literally felt like everybody was on one ship, and the students took very good care of each other.' 

Last but not least, this amazing show could not have happened without the incredible involvement of so many staff members and families, in addition to the amazing effort of the cast members. Here are just a few people among a countless number of those who supported the production.

Co-Directors: Ms. Priyanka Sachdeva, Mr. Clayton Ferguson, Ms. Rose Yee

Theater Manager: Mr. Nobu Iizuka

Set Design and Creation: Mr. Jan Ryszawy

Sound and Lights: Mr. Trae Hicks

Choreography: Ms. Mamtani and Ms. Mito

Art, Design, and Tech Departments for artwork and posters

All guardians of cast members for costumes and after-party planning

Secondary school volunteers for costumes, ushers, stagehands, and props

We hope this opportunity ignited a little spark in the students’ hearts as actors, and to embark on a new journey that will lead to many more adventures on and off the stage. Well done, young actors!