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Fun Science at Canadian Academy

Fun Science at Canadian Academy

‘Science education is one of the reasons why I highly value Canadian Academy.’ - a CA parent, as well as an alumnus, says. Indeed, we are proud of our Science program, which fosters students’ critical inquiry and life-long learning. Here are some points that make our Science program stand out.

Facility & equipment

Our school building is equipped with four Science labs, which were newly renovated in 2020. Our secondary students conduct experiments and work on projects there. We also have university-level equipment, including sensors, chemicals, and brand-new telescopes.

Hands-on experience and connection with real-life

Science lessons at Canadian Academy provide students with as many hands-on experiences as possible. 

This week, our grade 7 students went on a mini trip to Marine Park on Rokko island and collected plankton for seawater. They used the freshly collected water to observe different types of plankton.

When our grade 12 students learned about the ecosystem, they created their biome, a miniature ecosystem in a jar. They enjoyed collecting items such as soil, moss, and leaves to put in their biomes. One of the exciting things for the students was that some biomes from previous years were still alive! This made them realize their products could stay for long and could serve as examples in the future. 

DNA extraction from bananas is another example of hands-on and real-life science experience. The grade 9 students were excited to use bananas for the experiment because they would not think of using them for scientific purposes in their everyday lives. They were inspired to understand Science was everywhere around us.


Collaboration of secondary and elementary students

Our secondary students often invite their younger peers to the Science lab. This is a great learning opportunity for both older and younger students. 

The dissection experiment with pig organs, conducted by high school and grade 3 students, has been one of the highlights this school year. The high schoolers demonstrated their knowledge and dissection skills, and the third graders learned about different parts of the brain, asking many questions to their older peers. 

Another example of collaboration was a chemical element presentation by the grade 6 students. They invited the grade 1 students and shared their knowledge about what chemical elements consist of and what they would look like when they are zoomed. Their visual materials were helpful for the younger students to understand the idea.

In this way, students at Canadian Academy enjoy learning Science through various hands-on experiences and learning opportunities. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram, as we share photos from all the exciting Science experiences there!