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Grade 2 Unit of Inquiry ‘Identity’

Grade 2 Unit of Inquiry ‘Identity’

What makes us like no other? And how is it helpful to understand our identity? 

Our grade 2 students have been inquiring into identity within the ‘Who we are’ Unit. Their central idea is: exploring personal identity helps us better understand ourselves and others. Our students have been learning a lot about themselves throughout the inquiry process and have creatively expressed their learning in various ways.

At the beginning of the Unit, our grade 2 students worked on the Iceberg Identity activity. In this activity, they identified both visible and invisible elements that make them who they are. It encouraged them to reflect on their personal traits, and they enjoyed sharing their strengths with their peers. 

While discussing identity, our young learners were inspired by a story, ‘Can I build another me?’ In the same way as the character in the story, our students investigated various elements that make them THEM, for example, what they like, what makes them happy, and the words that describe them. This activity made the students aware that everybody is unique.  

Their learning process included an art project as well. Our students created artwork by combining their pictures, different colors and lines, and descriptive words that depicted themselves. We witnessed a lot of caring students, who helped each other to get more and more positive words to describe themselves.

Our grade 2 students enjoy exploring their personal identity through those various activities. This is how our students better understand themselves and others, which is key to growing as compassionate and open-minded learners.