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Grade 5’s Social Media Takeover!

Grade 5’s Social Media Takeover!

If you follow our Instagram and Facebook, you may have noticed that our posts looked a bit different than usual this week - that’s because our Grade 5 students were the content creators for our social media accounts! This was part of their How We Express Ourselves Unit, where the students explored the influence of media and discussed its responsible use.

Before they took over the accounts, the Marketing and Communications Team visited the Grade 5 classes and introduced how social media accounts were managed in a professional setting and how they impacted our community. They explained that CA’s social media accounts are there to share all the amazing things happening at CA and enhance the school’s value. The students eagerly listened to the presentation to gain a deeper understanding of social media while sharing their thoughts and asking many questions. 

The takeover turned out to be a great representation of the school’s value through the students’ points of view. They walked all over the school and enjoyed finding a number of exciting things that they would like to share, such as the Book Recommendation Wall in the Library, secondary school’s Spanish class, and kindergarten’s PE class. It was great to see them happily sharing different aspects of the school.

Now that the takeover week is over, the students will have an opportunity to reflect on their work. The Marketing and Communications Team will share the results (the number of Reaches, Likes, and Comments ) of their posts with them. This is one way that they can see the impact they actually had on our school community and understand how their learning is connected to the real world. 

As you may have read, at Canadian Academy, not only teachers but also support staff often enjoy collaborating with the students to provide an authentic learning experience. Thank you to the Grade 5 students for your excellent job on the takeover project! 

Please check their fun posts on our Instagram and Facebook, if you haven’t done so.