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Grade 9 3D Eco House Design

Grade 9 3D Eco House Design

One hallmark of a CA education is to use tools and technology available to create innovative solutions to real world problems. Our grade 9 students were put to the test with their recent design unit. 

Students were tasked with designing a house for their family that incorporated modern eco-friendly features. Students extensively researched sustainable design methods available to architects and builders in order to provide their clients with a dream home that would have a minimal impact on the environment. Students created a floor plan blueprint of the house and then modeled the house in 3D using software called Sketchup.

Our design classes require our students to engage in the Design Cycle, a process where the student identifies the problem, considers what skills and knowledge needs to be gained, creates possible solutions, reflects on the progress made, and considers what point to re-engage with the design process cycle. 

Ultimately, the criteria of success isn't necessarily the creation of the perfect product, but rather a growing understanding of creativity and design.

Please enjoy three samples randomly selected for our three grade 9 design classes. All 3D models in this project were created entirely by the students from scratch. The final house designs that have been produced are the result of many hours of hard work by the students.