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Heartwarming Monthly Assembly of our Elementary School

Heartwarming Monthly Assembly of our Elementary School

Our Elementary School's Assembly is one of the monthly events that all the elementary students, from KA to G5, look forward to. The Assembly is a fun and informative gathering where students share their learning, raise awareness of different topics around the school, and entertain their peers with their talent. The highlights from the September Assembly were great dance and piano performances and exciting announcements from the Student Council.

"Would you like to see something exciting? Let's welcome G5 dancers on the stage!" 

The Assembly usually has two talented student MCs who engage the audience. They introduce speakers and performers in an exciting way to warm up the stage as well as to keep the audience's attention. Upon introduction,  the speakers and performers take the stage confidently and share what they have with the audience. 

As you may already have noticed - our Assemblies are intentionally student-led. These Assemblies are great opportunities to promote student-agency, and at the same time, older students are amazing role models for younger students.

In addition to a variety of presentations and performances, there is usually a birthday celebration at the end of the Assembly. The students whose birthdays fall in that month are named and answer the 'question of the month.' Everybody genuinely enjoys celebrating birthdays; it feels so heartwarming!

Another popular part of the Assemblies is the puppet show. Every month, our elementary students enjoy a puppet show which is social-emotional-learning themed but also includes a lot of humor.

We cannot wait for the next Assembly in October!

ES Assembly2
ES Assembly-2