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How are parents involved at Canadian Academy?

How are parents involved at Canadian Academy?

Is the school only about students? Not really. At Canadian Academy, we are extremely fortunate to have a lot of parental participation and involvement. As you may already know, parents’ positive attitude and support towards the school are vital to the success of our students and of the CA community. In these two months since this academic year started, many CA parents have worked in partnership with us, by taking on an active role and getting involved in school activities. We highly appreciate it.


Our PTA is well-organized and passionate. To kick-off the new school year, the PTA members spent significant time preparing the welcome session for new families.  As a result, the session was full of welcoming vibes. In addition, the PTA holds a monthly meeting, which is usually held on the first Thursday of the month. The meeting is open to anybody in the parent community!

Of the various ways the PTA supports our school, the Booster Club is one of the most popular activities amongst the students. The Club sells snacks and drinks to ‘boost’ the students’ spirit and performance during big events such as an athletic tournament. The amazing thing is that not only parents but also some enthusiastic CA students have been helping the Club! The Club will be serving hot chocolate and donuts on December 2 and 3 to support the Girls Soccer tournament. 

Parent Workshops

We are very grateful that many parents joined our parent workshops in September and October. Our workshops have covered a wide range of topics, from EAL to the DP (Diploma Programme). In the sessions, it’s always nice to see our parents actively participating and enjoying sharing their thoughts. The workshops were also excellent opportunities for us, staff members, to connect with our parents. We are always happy to speak with parents in person, to share moments and understand each other better. 

Sports Day

We could not have had the enjoyable and exciting Sports Day without the support and cheer from our CA families!

Please let us take this opportunity to thank you, our parents, for all of your involvement so far. Your participation in school activities helps the school thrive as a vibrant learning community.  Stay tuned for more school activities coming up! Connect with us via Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all that’s happening in the school!