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How do we start a day at Canadian Academy?

How do we start a day at Canadian Academy?

‘Which emoji best describes your weekend?’ - This is how our grade 5 students started the day on Monday. Twenty different emojis, such as Happy, Proud, and Silly, were shown on the whiteboard, and the children chose an emoji that best matched their feelings about their weekend. Then they introduced the emoji of their choice and shared their stories with their partners. 

As seen in the upper elementary classrooms, many classes at Canadian Academy start the day with sharing time. Students inform their friends of what is happening in their lives and how they feel about it. This helps them to get to know their classmates and build a sense of belonging. Also, students get a chance to reflect while thinking about what to share.  

The morning sharing time looks different in each age group. In kindergarten classes, children not only verbalize their feelings but also express their emotions by dancing to a morning song. This is a wonderful moment for them to shake off their energy and enjoy getting into the swing, getting ready to learn. 

In secondary school, a day begins with advisory time. Each advisory group has a teacher and about ten students. Every morning, they see each other to discuss any school updates. Teachers sometimes take students outside during this time so that the students can start the day while enjoying fresh air. Whilst working in advisories helps students develop strong bonds and friendships, and provides a trusting environment to be oneself, it also works as catch-up time for them, having a chat with their friends and sharing how they are feeling

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