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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


IB Art Exhibit

Congratulations to our grade 12 IB Art students on their successful exhibition! Looking stunning in our atrium, the students proudly displayed their finished works, along with their reflections and sources of inspiration.

One example described the rationale behind the creation of a series of paintings of houses, along with a wooden model:

"My works explore the 'comfort in a house' in relation to the connection between the outdoors and indoors. Home has always been my favorite place. Being surrounded by my personal belongings generates a sense of protection that allows me to be myself without any distracting thoughts inside my mind. Having a 'Home' also reassures me that there is a place I can return to. This personally crafted environment that I feel safety and comfort in is where I recharge myself everyday. However, due to the pandemic, I have been staying in my house longer than before, which has created a wall between people and nature...(but) when I was able to go back to my house in Kyoto to see my grandmother after a while, the warmth of wooden walls wrapped around me the moment I walked into the house built in traditional Japanese style. The pleasing smell of the natural materials that I am familiar with almost brought me to tears."

Our IB candidates articulated their works, intentions, and processes. The show was successful and enjoyed by all those able to attend.

To view more of their fabulous work, please visit our Instagram and Facebook pages.