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IBDP Art Exhibition Opening Night

IBDP Art Exhibition Opening Night

It was truly a memorable and exciting evening - on March 18th, we celebrated 13 talented artists for successfully completing the IBDP Visual Arts course! Our students, families, and teachers came together and immersed themselves in the world of art created by our talented and dedicated students.

Two years ago, the  DP Visual Art students embarked on their journey.  On the way, they developed  bodies of work exploring different ideas, media, and techniques.

As Ms. Mora, our DP Visual Arts teacher, explained at the opening ceremony, ‘the artistic process goes much more beyond the understanding of the formal elements, painting or drawing. It is a journey of self-awareness that most of the times surprises the artist itself as he or she was not initially intended to do so. This process of self-knowledge sometimes can be a scary journey as, in general terms, we are not encouraged to express our innermost motivations or fears.’ 


DP Art 2023-2

Indeed, the young artists enjoyed challenging themselves in expressing a wide range of themes, some of which were connected with their inner selves. Amongst the variety of themes was metamorphosis. This student’s artworks represented the biological process of the metamorphosis of butterflies, and she related her works to the different stages of her femininity. She reflected on her adolescence and relationships with female role models while working on her paintings, ceramics, and sculpture.

DP Art 2024-1

The medium and techniques that the students used to express their themes ranged far and wide. One of the students worked on an acrylic painting and incorporated colored light into the artwork. He displayed it in a dark room so that the audience could see the change of the color created by the light. This was the way he expressed an emotional explosion within a person. Another student created sewn works. She made different types of well-crafted dresses to express her theme of ‘rebirth and change.’ She incorporated the theme into fashion using different symbols and materials, including kimono textiles, pearls, and beads. 

DP Art 2024-3

Those are just a few examples of the excellent outcome of the students’ artistic journey. The variety of the students’ artwork and their engagement wholeheartedly impressed the audience. At Canadian Academy, our art students enjoy delving into their passion for art and extending their talent, supported by our well-equipped art studios and talented equally passionate teachers.