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Our exceptional library, and book recommendations from our library staff

Our exceptional library, and book recommendations from our library staff

Autumn has arrived; it is a great season to get cozy and snuggle in the world of books! How about embracing our library's vast collection of books - over 35,000 volumes? At Canadian Academy, we encourage not only our students but also parents to drop by the library and indulge in the world of the books.

Being surrounded by so many books, yet the library feels spacious and comfortable, and it is one of our students' favorite spots. Our elementary students have a chance to visit the library for a lesson once every 9 Days, and many of them also visit there during recess time. For our secondary students, it is common for them to use the library to study by themselves or to collaborate with their peers. 

Our library staff is extremely passionate and dedicated, and works very hard to spread the joy of reading in many ways. One example is the monthly bookshelf, which showcases books of different themes every month. The theme for October is 'banned books', books that have had objections for various reasons, and Halloween. Ms. Clark, our Head Librarian, explains, "By featuring books of specific themes, we try to encourage our students to read different types of books, and also inspire them to start a conversation on various topics." Some of the previous themes include Pride Month, Arab heritage, and Pikadon, atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Let's look forward to what is coming up next month!

Another example is the Sakura Reading Program. Every spring, all elementary students are invited to participate in the reading challenge. They try to read as many books as they can from the list of the selected books. A lot of elementary students enjoy participating in the challenge and some of them end up reading up to 80 books!

Finally, we asked our dedicated library staff for their book recommendations (please see below) so that our community could enjoy an encounter with a wonderful book that they might not know otherwise. Please come by the library and enjoy reading!