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Participating in math competitions

Participating in math competitions

This week, young mathematicians from our secondary school took part in international math competitions: the American Scholastic Mathematics Contest (ASMA) and the American Mathematics Competition (AMC). The students were excited to challenge themselves to problem-solve in a complex situation, applying multiple mathematical skills and knowledge. 

The passion and initiatives demonstrated by the participating students in the competitions were highly impressive. They formed the Math Club, and the members “never skipped Monday (the day of the Math Club) and worked so hard every single week to prepare for the competition,” as Ms. Omukova, the Math Club supervisor, proudly recalls. They also organized a student-led Math ELO (Extended Learning Opportunity) to collaborate to consolidate their knowledge and refine their mathematical skills. The Math Club and Math ELO students plan to participate in other math competitions, including Purple Comet and a contest hosted by the University of Waterloo.

“Everybody can enjoy math at their own level.” Ms. Omukova and the math department have been providing tremendous support for the contest participants, who are fond of math. At the same time, she emphasizes the importance of opportunities where students can experience the fun of math, whether math is their favorite subject or not. Indeed, math lessons at CA often involve activities connected with everyday situations, such as baking and creating games, so that all students can enjoy learning math by seeing its connection with daily life.

Our math teachers also collaborate to organize afterschool support on different days of the week. They make sure students can reach out to any math teachers when they have questions, regardless of their class. This way, our math teachers encourage all learners to explore the world of math at their own level.