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Personal Project Exhibition by our Grade 10 students

Personal Project Exhibition by our Grade 10 students

If you had one year to work on a project to pursue your personal interest, what would you do? 

This week, our Grade 10 students hosted the Personal Project Exhibition and showcased their passion and knowledge about the topic that they had explored over the past year. 

The students' projects covered a wide range of topics - from baseball and cooking to Polyformer and documentary filming. Whatever topic they chose, Personal Project was an excellent opportunity for them to further develop their competence as engaged, independent, and internationally-minded learners. Each student thoroughly pursued a topic of their passion, culminating in confident and impressive presentations on the exhibition day.

If you are wondering what a Personal Project looks like, here are some examples of our students' projects. One student combined her interest in art and solutions to well-being issues. She interviewed people in the CA community to figure out mental health issues that they had, and then created mixed media - hand-drawn and digital - posters to raise awareness about the resources available to address these issues. Because of the powerful messages and stunning drawings on her posters, some CA teachers have already put up her posters in their rooms.

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Another example is a project named 'India through my eyes.' This student created a photo book with pictures that she took in India, her home country. One of her goals was to create a photo book to invite people to witness India from a new perspective. She came up with this goal because she thought there were some stereotypical perspectives about the country, some of which were incorrect. During the exhibition, she asked visitors, 'What word would you use to describe India?' before and after showing her photo book featuring different aspects of the country - you may be able to imagine how their answers changed in a positive way.

As you can see in those examples, the students' projects were not only about their personal development but also about connecting with the community and making a positive difference. Our students learned what it means to positively impact the world throughout the process of investigating, planning, taking action, and reflecting on their project. Congratulations to our Grade 10 students for the fantastic conclusion of their learning journey in the Middle Years Programme! 

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