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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Play session with children from Sannoh Kodomo Center

Play session with children from Sannoh Kodomo Center

Canadian Academy’s Service group was active even during the winter break. On January 6th, they invited 13 children, from kindergarten to middle school, from Sannoh Kodomo Center in Osaka. Our Service club has been working with the center for a number of years, and this event was a special one as it was the first time the children were invited to the school. 

A grade 12 student, the Service club leader, has been extremely passionate about holding this event and made it happen with her incredible initiative. When she presented her idea of the event to our PTA, they were impressed and agreed to offer a budget. Then, the Service club organized the whole event, including transportation, food, and decorations. 

Five members of the Service club in grades 9 to 12, worked at their full stream on the day of the event. They arrived early in the morning to decorate the atrium and set up a photo booth. After the children came, the students were busy for 6 hours without a break - playing Janken train, card games and Bingo, eating lunch, answering questions from the children, listening to them, and more! Every minute required the students’ full attention, and physical and mental strength. Still, they smiled throughout the event and genuinely enjoyed working with the children. It was rewarding to see the children leaving the school with a huge smile at the end of the day.

CA’s Service club is a body of students motivated to work for the local and international communities. They take actions to compassionately impact the world, as our mission statement says. At the same time, Service activities are great opportunities for students to learn to take initiative and connect with people from various backgrounds.