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Positive Parenting Workshop

Positive Parenting Workshop

Partnership between the school and families is key to student success. At Canadian Academy, we hold a number of workshops for our families, covering a variety of topics: how parents and carers can support their child’s learning at home, introduction to how teaching is done at CA, and how to understand standardized testing scores, amongst many others. One of the most popular sessions this month was the Positive Parenting Workshop held over two days. Our school counselors and kindergarten teacher led the sessions and discussed Positive Discipline, roles and responsibilities of parents, and life skills we want for our children, to name a few. 

‘What challenges do you have with your child?’  The sessions were interactive, involving a lot of sharing time in small groups. It is not easy to share personal experiences with others, particularly when talking about topics such as challenges; however, the participants were very compassionate towards each other, and many of them enjoyed sharing their parenting experiences. It was nice to see our parents enjoying listening to each other in a warm atmosphere. 


Some role-plays took place during the sessions as well. Some ‘brave’ parents volunteered to do role-plays, and it was very helpful for the participants to think about issues in a real-life context. For example, one question was, ‘what would you do if your child said they had no one to play with?’ The participants discussed possible ways to address the matter, including figuring out what exactly happened and listening to the child’s feelings. In the end, the parents and counselors agreed that their role as adults is to work with the children to solve the problem, not to solve the problem on behalf of them. 

We are confident that our parent workshops are beneficial for our families to get familiar with a variety of educational topics. At the same time, the workshops are great opportunities to connect with our families and staff members. Come join us for the next workshop; you will find something new!

The next workshop is on Monday, December 12th at 8:40 in the Library Presentation Space.



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