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Post-Secondary preparation session for G11 students and families

Post-Secondary preparation session for G11 students and families

This week, Ms. DeVore, our college counselor, delivered a session about post-secondary preparation for G11 students and their families. Here are some takeaways from her session. If you are a future high school student or their family and are interested to know what the process of post-secondary preparation looks like, this article is for you. 

The fall of G11 is a good time for the students to settle in their coursework and build their co-curricular profile. At the same time, they may want to start thinking about their strengths and interests, using questions such as, ‘What do I love?’ and, ‘What am I good at?’ Our college counselor is always happy to help them explore their strengths, interests, possibilities, and challenges together. In addition, the students are introduced to CA’s post-secondary planning website.

In the spring of G11, we expect the students to research and build a long list of colleges and universities they are interested in. Our college counselor organizes region-specific Parent Evenings and individual family meetings to ensure students and their families have enough information to build the list. It is also a good idea for the students to start taking relevant standardized tests. 

The students have a lot of things to do in the summer before G12: visiting schools, taking language proficiency tests, and drafting essays, along with building their co-curricular profile. 

The fall of G12 is also busy. Since post-secondary application processes officially start around this time of the year, the students should start to refine their shortlist, finish relevant tests, attend interviews and write essays. Our college counselor works closely with the students to review essays, submit documents, and help with other relevant steps.

In the spring of G12, when the students are finished with applications, it is essential to check application portals regularly. Once they receive formal acceptances, it is recommended that they review the offers carefully and choose the best-fit schools. If the students are not sure about their choice, the door of Ms. DeVore’s office is always open, and the students can ask for advice. 

Last but not least, working with Ms. DeVore can include planning for a gap year, a post-graduation internship, language study or job search. CA's Counseling program is committed to finding the right fit for each student.