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PYP Exhibition and Personal Project Exhibition - what our students learn from these projects

PYP Exhibition and Personal Project Exhibition - what our students learn from these projects

As flowers bloom in the wake of spring, CA is also in full bloom of celebrations as our 5th graders and 10th graders near completion of the PYP and MYP.  

As you may know, both the PYP Exhibition and the Personal Project is not only an essential part of the PYP (Primary Years Programme) and the MYP (Middle Years Programme), but also a culmination of each of the Programmes. 

In each project, students choose a theme that they are interested in digging deeper. It would usually be an issue they are concerned about, or one they would like to learn more about. They research about their theme using various resources, then prepare a presentation about their findings and conclusions, and explore how they can take action to make a positive difference. 

For example, there was a 5th grade student who chose deforestation for her topic. She started by researching the topic, and then, she presented her outcome to her peers and family, and finally, started planting some plants in her garden, as well as making a poster to communicate the importance of protecting forests. This whole process required a long time - CA students spent about four months to complete the PYP Exhibition, and more than six months for the Personal Project!

Both the PYP Exhibition and the Personal Project Exhibition are great opportunities for the students to explore the topic of their choice and deepen their knowledge. On top of it, the whole process of completing a project tremendously helps develop students’ life-long skills. 

“I made my booth look messy with plastic on purpose, because this is what sea turtles are seeing in the ocean.” A 5th-grade student, who worked on plastic pollution and sea turtles, said in front of her booth. This exemplifies her creativity and presentation skills. 

“I created my own Spreadsheet to keep track of my progress.” When asked about the skills they developed through the Personal Project, a 10th-grade student proudly showed his tracking sheet. “I definitely developed organization and time-management!” Not only him but many of his peers also mentioned these skills. 

We are sure that the experience of working on these Exhibitions has helped them build confidence, and the skills they gained from it are excellent assets for our students. 

If you are interested in the themes that our students worked on for the PYP Exhibition and the Personal Project Exhibition this year, here are some examples. They are all interesting, aren’t they? 

Personal Project Exhibition 2023 topics

-Composing Jazz music based on Classical Music

-Creating a brochure for CA’s boarding program

-Learning how to storyboard a digital animation

-Looking into replicated Art pieces

-Making a professional proposal regarding installing solar panels 

-Producing fashion items with used clothes

-Writing and illustrating a picture book about SDGs for young children


PYP Exhibition 2023 topics

-Animal tourism


-Gender equality in sports

-The power of dance as a form of self-expression

-The impact of Artificial Intelligence on learners

-Physical and mental well-being of sports players

-Renewable energy for a sustainable life

We were very proud to witness their passion, creativity, and huge learning through the Exhibitions. Well done, 5th and 10th graders!