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Silver Award for the Service Leadership Program Project Contest

Silver Award for the Service Leadership Program Project Contest

Living in a country like Japan, where we are prone to natural disasters, it is vital that we prepare ourselves. Natural disasters do not provide us with a warning and we must act accordingly, which is why preparedness is extremely important.  

CA’s Key Club joined the Service Leadership Program Project Contest to explore and present ideas on how to make the world a better place through disaster preparedness. We are excited to announce that their proposal received the Silver Award for this contest. This contest was organized by Kiwanis Japan, the Japanese branch of one of the three major service organizations in the world. The contest was about ideas to spend their surplus budget in a way that could make the world a better place.

Our Key Club works to raise awareness of disaster prevention in the school community. This time, the leaders of the Club, Lisa Hawes (G11) and Mako Iwaki (G9), proposed their ideas on how to promote emergency preparedness, particularly preparing emergency food, through fun posts on social media. The students explained some points from their proposal:

  • They chose emergency prevention as their proposal topic because they believe it is a key to maintaining a safe community wherever in the world. 

  • Through their research, they learned that many people end up throwing away their emergency food after the expiration date.

  • They came up with the idea of sharing fun and creative ways of eating emergency food to promote a method called ‘rolling stock’, so that more and more people could prepare emergency food at home.

  • They proposed they use social media because the posts could be made in multiple languages and potentially reach people all around the world.

A chairperson from Kiwanis Japan gave positive comments on their proposal, saying, ’it looked very helpful in promoting the importance of disaster preparedness, and we liked how the team tried to make disaster prevention fun and creative.’

As you can see in this example, our Service Clubs actively connect with local and global organizations, and work very hard to make a positive impact on the community. Well done, CA’s Key Club!