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Silver-medal-winning fencer from Canadian Academy

Silver-medal-winning fencer from Canadian Academy

Did you know that we have a silver-medal-winning fencer at CA? We are delighted to share that Xavier Mito, a Grade 12 student, won the silver medal representing Canadian Academy at the biggest national high school championship in August. The competition is called Inter-High, and it includes all public and private high schools in Japan. Schools compete to send 2 fencers from each prefecture to the Interhigh game.

We interviewed Xavier to know more about this great achievement, and he kindly shared his feelings, challenges, and future goals.

How are you feeling about your Inter-High result?

After many years of dedication to fencing, it was great to be able to get another good result. Although I've gone to the Inter-high representing Hyogo prefecture three times now, I've been faced by obstacles and mistakes. It was amazing to be watched by 400-500 people in the arena during the finals. 

How did you prepare for the competition?

I prepared for the competition in Korea, Japan, and England, where I practised with some members of Team GB, and faced other competitors in Japan. However, during my training in England, I pulled my right hamstring, and cut some of my tendons. Faced with the injury, I had no choice but to rest and stretch before going to compete. However, envisioning how I wanted the games to go, and the moves I wanted to use helped me prepare mentally. 

What was the biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was in the finals, where my opponent defeated me. I kept losing in the same way, with the same touches, and instead of changing my actions, I kept repeating the same mistakes. In high-pressure moments like these, it gets extremely difficult to stay focused and calm. Towards the end, I was beginning to make a comeback, but it was too late, and my mistakes cost me the gold medal. 

What is your future goal regarding fencing?

My next goal is to continue to raise my Japanese ranking, which is currently 14th in U21. I plan to continue to raise my ranking and win at the next Junior Olympics in Tokyo. I'm a 3x Junior Olympian, and this result would give me a strong competitive standing for universities. 

Thank you so much for answering our questions, Xavier. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors!