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Sister Club Agreement with Hobart Key Club in Indiana

Sister Club Agreement with Hobart Key Club in Indiana

Canadian Academy inspires students to inquire, reflect, and choose to compassionately impact the world throughout their lives - this is our mission statement. Through the many service clubs we offer, we encourage our students to be actively involved in our local, national, and international communities, and to compassionately impact the world.

CA Key Club, the Service Group which was formerly known as Tohoku Team, has formed a Sister Club Agreement with Hobart Key Club in Indiana, the US. Key Club is part of Kiwanis, a worldwide organization working with universities and high schools to improve children's quality of life. Having an international sister club is the first time in Kiwanis's history. 

On October 2, the two groups had the first 'big zoom meeting.' A G12 student, the president of the CA Key Club, reflected on the meeting, saying, 'I was thrilled that around ten people joined from CA. During the zoom meeting, we introduced ourselves and played some games together. It was a great start for us. We have agreed to have a regular meeting with them every month.' 

'We have been supporting people in the Tohoku area, and it will continue to be a big part of our activity. In addition to this, I am very excited to connect with the members in Indiana and learn from each other. We can share our experience in supporting people affected by natural disasters, and we would like them to share their knowledge about how to promote the group and get more involvement from the community.' A G10 student, one of the three co-leaders of the Club, explains the group's vision.

CA Key Club leaders are also passionate about raising awareness of Service activities within the CA community. We have about 20 service groups in High School and Middle School together, including CA Athletic Council, Animal Refuge Kansai, Eco club, Soup Kitchen, etc. All service groups are led by students and help not only the CA community but also local, national, and international communities. The student leaders are hoping to make Service activities more approachable and accessible for the students and involve more and more peers. This is because they believe Service is not only about helping others but also about personal growth with a sense of fulfillment. 

Now that the CA Key Club has taken a new step, we are tremendously excited to see how they develop as a group in the future.