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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Sports Day at Canadian Academy

Sports Day at Canadian Academy

It was Canadian Academy's Sports Day on October 10th. Despite a rainy weather forecast, we were so glad and fortunate to have been able to hold this event. The students' excitement triumphed over the rain!

What makes CA's Sports Day special is that all students from Pre-K to Grade 12 participate in activities together, displaying compassion, care, and thoughtfulness towards each other. 

Older students and younger students took very little time to start mingling. They started the day with ice-breaking activities, where students from different grade levels enjoyed interacting. It was truly amazing how quickly the students made new 'friends.' 

The students kept impressing us throughout the day. Middle school students gently held their little partners up to run the Three-legged Race together. High school students kindly explained the Pipeline Relay's rule to younger members and ensured everybody fully enjoyed the activity. Younger students also showed their engagement with the team, cheering on older teammates. 

The older students continued to care for the little ones even after the event. They walked kindergarten students through the school building and made sure they returned to their classrooms safely. This is the beauty of being able to celebrate Sports Day together on the same premise! We are incredibly proud of our students' warm-heartedness.  

Thank you to all the family members that joined us for the fun-filled day!