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Stories of our alumni and students featured in the local newspaper

Stories of our alumni and students featured in the local newspaper

Did you know that this year is Canadian Academy’s 110th anniversary? To commemorate the history of our school, the Kobe Shinbun Newspaper has worked with us and interviewed our alumni Kana, Ketan, and Noemi, and current students Ryoongse and Ami. We are extremely honored to be featured in the newspaper, because they also have a long history in Kobe and are outstanding at highlighting local people. 

They brought various stories from the interviews together as an article, which you can read from this link. As it is written in Japanese, we translated it and added some elements so that more of the CA community can enjoy the article.


Canadian Academy, located on Rokko Island, celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. It is an international school known for its diverse student body and active participation in community service. 

CA’s alumni show a great presence in various fields around the world. Kana Muramoto (Class of 2011), an ice-skater who competed in multiple international competitions including the Olympics, reflected on her experience at CA and said, “CA is my second family. I always want to go back.” She said it was not easy to continue her ice-skating practice every day while keeping up with schoolwork. However, she had the energy to manage it because “the school was so much fun!”

Ketan Chaudhari (Class of 1996) mentioned a history class where he and his peers debated the impact that the British Empire had on India. His history teacher put him in the ‘British’ side on purpose, knowing that India is his home country. This gave him an opportunity to think about the historical issue from a different perspective. “At CA, we enjoyed sharing our identity, wherever we came from and whichever language we spoke.” 

“Would it be possible to ship a Falcon jacket to France? I would love to buy one.” Last year, Noemi Hansen Fernandez, who attended CA’s Middle School for two years, sent the message to CA. When she saw the jacket on school’s social media, it reminded her of her great experience at CA and she wanted to have a jacket as a memory. She described the experience, saying, “my teachers and classmates really accepted me and made me feel I was part of the CA family, even though we all came from different cultures.”

Ryoongse Oh, the current SBC (Student Body Council) president, said that he had been enjoying extracurricular activities at CA. “Every club has a welcoming atmosphere. I don’t even think about the different nationalities of the members.” He had participated in various activities, including Orchestra, Basketball, and Eco-club, and each of them helped him grow as a person.

“I love making people smile. Service activity is the thing I am passionate about, and I would like to continue working to serve the local and international community after I graduate from CA.” Ami Seki proudly said. She is the leader of CA’s Service Club, which has more than 10 different groups that work to support people in need.


While enjoying listening to their unique stories, we were very happy that CA had positive impacts on their lives. Thank you very much to the alumni and students who kindly joined the interview, and thank you to the newspaper’s work that gave us a chance to recognize their stories.