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Technology in our Elementary School

Technology in our Elementary School

Canadian Academy is fortunate to have wonderful resources-- including several Maker Spaces and Design Labs-- that help our students understand that the use of technology is authentic and purposeful.

With a dedicated ICT Integration Specialist in our elementary school, the integrated use of technology supports what the students are studying, learning, and wondering about. Because of this integration, students use technology in order to demonstrate their thinking, their newly acquired knowledge, and learn some valuable tech and design skills.

For example, our KB students have been learning about geometric shapes. Using the app Makers Empire, our young learners identified, resized, rescaled, and rotated shapes to build a larger object. In this example, they used a series of smaller shapes to build digital snowmen. And with our 3d printers, the children could see their creations come to life.

Our grade 4 students had the opportunity to show off their design skills, too. Canadian Academy enjoys a longstanding relationship with a school in Ikuno, located in northern Hyogo prefecture.

This year, our grade 4's designed bookmarks for their friends in Ikuno. Using the 3d printers, our students were able to send some very creative and personalized bookmarks that are sure to be treasured for years to come.

A final example comes from our grade 2 classes that have been studying geography and landforms. Learning certainly comes alive when upon completing your research you can design your own mountain range!

The use of technology at CA is done with purpose-- creating authentic learning experiences, even for our youngest learners.