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What CA students learn from LACAH Mock Trials

What CA students learn from LACAH Mock Trials

Last month, four of our grade 10 students, Valkyrie Ho, Lisa Hawes, Lorea Fujii, and Yeongjun Seo, participated in LACAH’s Online Mock Trial Competition. We proudly report that the team earned an Honorable Mention for Best Team, and Yeongjun was awarded Best Attorney

Some people might be wondering what a LACAH Mock Trial is. LACAH stands for the Law Association for Crimes Across History, and it is an international organization that runs historical mock trials with high school students. In mock trials, students act as lawyers and witnesses and investigate whether the person/group in question is guilty. 

We had an opportunity to interview the students, and they kindly shared their experiences.

Q1. What do you like about LACAH Mock Trials? 

Lorea: It is interesting to see how trials work in the real world. It is a good opportunity to learn about history to research in preparation. 

Valkyrie: I can learn how to communicate effectively and how to act as a law attorney. It is also a great experience as an actor. I have to put in emotion to persuade and also sound confident.

Q2. How do you prepare for the mock trials?

Yeongjun: Students are given a case file so that everyone starts off with the same background knowledge, and based on the provided materials we have to make up our own persuasive argument. We also practice before the actual mock trial. 

Q3. What was a valuable takeaway from the session?

Valkyrie: It was intimidating to go up against more senior teams. I had to build my mindset to deal with rebuttals and objections. I also learned how to be a lawyer and the legal process. It was useful, as I might pursue a law career in the future.

Lorea: I felt inspired by participants of the same age who were very experienced. It was a “good competition.” The session helped me realize where I am in terms of personal growth as well as academic-wise.

Yeongjun: I felt pressured to make documents and lead the team, but also felt a sense of achievement. I was able to practice my leadership skills, organization, and critical thinking.

In this way, our high school students actively learn a wide range of academic and life skills by participating in the LACAH mock trials. We are proud of their outstanding achievement!