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Wonderful productions of secondary school students

Wonderful productions of secondary school students

December was a blessing to the Canadian Academy community, surrounded by works of music, visual art, and acting every week by our secondary students.  

At Canadian Academy, the Secondary Arts Department offers Drama, Orchestra, Band, Visual Arts, and Choir, and the students select the Arts subjects of their choice. In Grade 6, the students have a chance to try most of the Arts subjects, and as they continue on to Grade 7, they start narrowing down their choices to develop their expertise in subjects of their interest. The students have an opportunity for a production whatever Arts subject they choose.

Thanks to the students' and teachers' hard work, all the December productions were brilliant - Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Orchestra concert, Band concert, and Art exhibition. Audiences of all ages, from younger peers to grandparents, sat amazed throughout the performance. Some young children were inspired by the Orchestra, so much so that they air-played a violin, and said they would like to learn how to play! 

While production is absolutely one of the most exciting parts of learning art, as Ms. Art, the head of the Art department highlights, the process of getting there is valuable for learners. She says, 'I really enjoy seeing my students getting to know each other, growing their ideas, and learning to commit to something throughout the process of preparing for productions.'  

Canadian Academy's Arts Program is full of opportunities for the students to explore their artistic interests and expand their talent. More importantly, our students acquire life-long skills such as collaboration and creativity while learning art. We can’t wait to see their next production, as well as their exciting process of learning!