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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Experiences to last a lifetime

Canadian Academy, located in Kobe, Japan, is surrounded by rich culture, breathtaking nature, and exciting urban adventures. Being about one hour away from the cities of Kyoto and Nara, one can immerse oneself in the traditions of Japan. Catch a glimpse of a geisha walking down the street as you take in temples over a thousand years old. Take part in a tea ceremony while donning a kimono yourself.

And as a boarding resident, we want to you to experience much of what Japan has to offer. Our boarding program is designed to bring Japanese culture to you- through tea ceremony, cooking, and language- as well as getting you into the Kansai area to discover its charms. Our one-of-a-kind program continues to evolve and is adaptive to your interests. If you have a particular interest, whether it is anime or karate, or if you would like to have multiple cultural experiences, our boarding parents will work with you to explore the possibilities.

We are committed to helping you discover your place within Japan.

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Danjiri Festival

Danjiri festivals are common throughout Japan, but most famous takes place in the town of Kishiwada, Osaka in September, on the 'Respect for the Aged' national holiday. The "danjiri" are large wooden floats or shrines that are pulled around a route on the day of the festival. Prior to the festival, there are ceremonies and prayers as the ornate shrine is taken out and readied; then the fun starts. ​​​​​​


Opening students' minds to new food is a special part of the boarding experience. Japanese cuisine traditionally reflects the changing seasons, with fresh ingredients making their appearance at various times throughout the year. And it's not all rice and raw fish; you'll discover that new takes on the meat and vegetables you might be accustomed to are waiting to be savored. And sure, some might be challenging at first-- but there is a whole new world waiting.


Japanese culture is not stuck in the past-- while in Japan you'll be able to geek out on your fill of manga and anime, idol bands and all things fun and quirky. Rokko Island is the center of Kansai's cosplay culture, a skateboarding park is within a 5 minute cruise to our boarding facilities, and the Tezuka Osamu Museum is within 30 minutes.