CA 206: Grants and Gifts Supporting CA Programs
Posted 01/28/2019 09:44

CA 206: Grants and Gifts Supporting CA Programs

Canadian Academy is fortunate to have a community of involved parents, dedicated faculty and staff, generous corporate partners, loyal alumni, and committed Board and leadership team members. We are grateful for the gifts of money and time that enhance the education of every student, every day of the school year. We rely on the continued generosity of our supporters to help accomplish our mission of inspiring students to inquire, reflect, and choose to compassionately impact the world throughout their lives. Everyone who supports CA with their gifts of time, talent, or treasures partners with us to deliver the highest quality educational experiences to our students. Your generosity speaks volumes. Thank you.

Why this support is important

You may be surprised to learn that your tuition payments do not cover the entire cost of your child's education. As with most private, independent schools, CA relies primarily (90%) on revenue from tuition and fees. Delivering an inspiring education requires considerable resources. We receive support from various sources to make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of providing a Canadian Academy education. Financial donations and grants from individuals, corporations, and governments offer essential support for the operating budget as well as for the school's long-term vision.

Individual support

Individuals who donate to the school share a common understanding, appreciation, and responsibility for the importance and joy of giving and receiving. They contribute either directly to the school by yen or by US dollar to our foundation in the US. Donors this school year will help us to purchase a baby grand piano for the elementary school and a laser printer/engraver for the secondary school among other enhancements

Government support
Canadian Academy gratefully receives annual grants from Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City and the United States Department of State. Hyogo and Kobe have generously supported Canadian Academy in recognition of the school's role in supporting international investment, its internationally recognized curriculum, and its involvement in the local community. These grants subsidize 4% of our school's annual operating costs resulting in lower tuition fees.

Corporate support

Some corporations support the school by participating in the Corporate Contribution Program (CCP). This scholarship program is available to companies responsible for covering their expatriate employees' educational expenses and has tax advantages for the corporation. Companies also donate money or gifts in kind to support education at CA.

In-Kind Goods and Services

CA welcomes the donations of goods and services from individuals and companies. These gifts support teaching in the classroom, extra-curricular activities, fundraising, and promotion of CA programs.

Volunteers make a difference

Volunteers contribute countless hours of their time to school projects and activities. Their gifts of time and talent are priceless. On behalf of all students, thank you!

Members of the Board of Trustees and the Council, who serve without remuneration, provide essential strategic oversight for the school.

Since 1920, the PTA, has worked to strengthen a sense of community and enhance school programs. The PTA provides hands-on support to make the following activities come to life and positively influences us all:

●International Food and Fun Fair

●Booster Club - Supports students involved in athletics and the visual and performing arts.

●Sports Day

●Halloween Party for Elementary School Students

●Social Events for Parents and Teachers

●Parent Partner Program - welcoming new families and helping with class parties

●Falcon Store - volunteers staff the store

The PTA's financial support to the Artist-in-Residence Program enhances the visual and performing arts programs while the annual Lasting Gift offers long-term improvements such as the installation of new water fountains by the sports fields and a shade sail to make the atrium balcony more useful.

Volunteers also enhance our curriculum by serving as guest speakers, authors, and artists. At our annual career day for secondary students, 40-50 professionals in various fields gather on campus to inspire our students' future career choices. They share their culture or experiences with students. They offer field trips venues or extra-curricular activities for students.

We hope you are finding these columns helpful in understanding the school's finance and operations. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions for future subjects please send them to We look forward to hearing from you.