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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


At Canadian Academy, we believe that learning is most effective in a warm, supportive school environment. Our teachers encourage students to engage in critical inquiry, and promote authentic learning experiences. Ultimately, we inspire curious and compassionate lifelong learners. 

What our teachers say

"I love working with so many different perspectives and people from all over the world, and learning how to be a better educator."

(Learning Leader)

"I enjoy being part of the international community at CA. I collaborate with students from different cultures, who I wouldn't have been able to meet otherwise!

I find this mix of cultures very fascinating."

(DP Teacher)

"I really enjoy teaching the PYP, as it can teach children how to be independent learners."

(PYP Teacher)

"The goal of learning is inquiry, not mastery of the use of tools. The tools should be a way to express ideas as a result of the inquiry process.

I teach my students how to select a suitable way of expressing themselves and take action."

(PYP Teacher)

"I enjoy seeing my students getting to know each other, growing their ideas, and learning to commit to something throughout the process of preparing for drama productions."

(MYP Teacher)

Our faculty are enthusiastic about what they do. Our faculty members model to students what it means to be collaborative and communicative. They feel comfortable navigating a cross-cultural environment, and are eager to positively contribute to the school community.

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