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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


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Canadian Academy is fortunate to offer its students exceptional learning environments on its purpose-built nine-acre footprint. Our campus on Rokko Island is both central to our students’ lives and a cornerstone of the idyllic residential community nestled in the bay of Kobe.

Map Points

1. Main Entrance
2. Atrium
3. Library
4. Maker Space
5. Cafeteria
6. Main Gym
7. Fitness Center
8. Main Theater
9. Science Labs
10. Nurse's Office
11. Art Classrooms
12. Music Rooms
13. Elementary Wing
14. Tea Ceremony Room
15. Design Lab
16. Elementary Playground
17. ELAC Entrance
18. ELAC (Early Learning Activities Center)
19. P&G Black Box Theater
20. ELAC Gym
21. Lilly Field
22. Nestlé Field
23. Dorm Houses
24. Parking Lot

Campus Highlights

At Canadian Academy...

We think that outstanding learning opportunities require outstanding facilities.  Classroom spaces are spacious at all grade levels, affording opportunities for flexible and dynamic learning with modular furniture suited to all learning styles.  Our youngest learners enjoy classrooms which are empirically designed for early years education, flowing seamlessly from indoor to outdoor learning, gardening, and play spaces. Our playgrounds and outdoor spaces enjoy near-constant use and are open to CA families all year round.

P&G Black Box Theater

Performance Spaces

Artists and performers have the use of two world-class theater spaces which are professionally maintained by a dedicated engineer.  Athletes perfect their skills in one of our two full-size gymnasia, on one of our two sports fields, on our outdoor basketball and tennis courts, or in our well-equipped fitness center.


Innovative Spaces

Based on our belief that the best learning takes place socially, we have purposefully centered our campus around a freshly renovated atrium, featuring a performance space, flexible learning areas, and a community coffee shop.  Students enjoy gathering the space during and around their classes.  The atrium connects upward to our stunning library of 40,000 volumes, and downward to our cafeteria, which serves nutritious meals three times a day.


Home away from home

Our boarding students enjoy their stylish dormitory facilities, where the concept of home away from home is woven both into the design of our residential life program and into the language of the architecture itself.  Girls’ and boys’ dormitories open onto central kitchens and dining areas for socialization, with carefully designed shared bedrooms achieving balance between privacy and friendship.



Campus Space

As we continue to develop our campus, we purposefully incorporate natural light and materials to provide learners with stimulating environments which honor the traditions of our host culture. 


International Community Needs

Our entire community enjoys the tranquility of our tea ceremony room, the comfort of the tatami matting in our presentation spaces, and the energy of the bamboo and other plants spread across our campus.


Our school’s Board of Trustees made a courageous choice in the late 1980s when they decided to relocate CA from its original site in Nagamine-dai to the then-nascent Rokko Island.  In retrospect it is self-evident that the ample physical space afforded by the move – and the highly specialized facilities we have subsequently developed – enabled CA to flourish into the school of choice in Japan, offering outstanding learning opportunities to all learners of all ages.

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