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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


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We embrace our local culture, and students are given ample opportunities to deepen their understanding of our home country in class and after school.
HS Japanese

Japanese Language

Japanese lessons are offered in Elementary and Secondary school at all skill levels.

The lessons are designed to extend practical Japanese language skills for native speakers, and to develop basic Japanese skills for students who are new to Japanese.

Field Trips

From the city of Kobe to cities across Japan, there are so many places for students to explore. We never run out of field trip destinations, including museums, parks, and national heritage sites. 



Seasonal Celebrations

Japan has a lot of unique seasonal celebrations such as mochi pounding in the New Year, bean throwing in February, and Hinamatsuri (doll festival) in March. 

Our students deepen their understanding of the local culture through hands-on experiences of these celebrations.

Japanese books collection

Japanese books

Library books are great resources to explore the Japanese culture. Our library has an extensive collection of books to help you learn about various topic related to Japan and its culture, as well as books written in Japanese.



After-school clubs

We are fortunate to have a lot of internal and external experts who are happy to work with our students to share their skills related to Japanese culture.

For example, Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) lesson is offered as an elementary after-school club.


Tea Ceremony

We are proud of our authentic and beautiful tea room.

At Canadian Academy, everybody in the school community, including students, staff members, and parents, has a chance to study tea ceremony.