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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Summer start banner

For Canadian Academy Pre-K - Grade 6 students
June 15 - 16
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

The purpose of the Summer Start program is to help students finish the school week and transition smoothly to the summer mode of learning. Summer Start is primarily oriented to support CA community, but we welcome any student to have a good start of the summer with us.
Summer Start is two-day program. The program staff consists of experienced CA faculty members and experienced assistants. We have many volunteers from the CA students body helping the program as well. Thanks to their service, we have exceptional staff/student ratio.

Trip to local areas

A school trip to local areas, for example, Animal Kingdom, Osaka Aquarium, Futatabi Park, and Suma Rikyu park, will take place. More details will come!


  • 1 day: ¥12,000
  • 2 days: ¥21,000
  • Optional Lunch Service ¥600/day
  • Optional Extended Fun for Elementary students
    • Non-summer program students are also welcome  
    • Available on June 15 - July 7, July 17 - July 26
    • 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    • Quiet activities and games, reading, gym & outside play
    • ¥10,000/week (¥6,000 for the final week of Summer Discovery)
  • Optional Bus Service
    • 1 week: ¥8,000
    • Single day: ¥1,600



Summer Start Application & Payment Form

Please note that before enrolment using this form is completed, payment must be made by credit card or bank transfer. 

Student Information (参加者)

First namerequired
Last namerequired
Birth date - please don't type in the date - use the date pickerrequired
生年月日​​​ (Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format)
Current graderequired
Number of Days in Summer Startrequired
Please check the days you wish your child to attend. ​​​​​​​required
Please check the days you would like bento lunch to be supplied
Extended Fun is from 3:00 - 4:30. Please check the days you wish your child to attend.
Please check if you are interested in using the school bus service. Our bus stops at JR Ashiya, Hankyu Okamoto, Sumiyoshi, Hankyu Rokko, Kumochi, Shin-Kobe, NHK Kobe, but there is a possibility to add extra stops. We will contact you requesting information if you indicate "Yes" to this question.


Guardian Information (保護者)

Parent Namerequired
Parent Addressrequired
Email addressrequired
Cell phonerequired
Emergency Contact Namerequired
Emergency Contact Numberrequired


Health Information

Is your child allergic to anything?requiredアレルギーはありますか?​
Please give details about any health or other condition that we should know about your child.
Does your child need academic/physical/social support?required
If YES, please explain:
I give permission to the school nurse to administer the following medication to my child if necessary:必要に応じて、学校の看護師に次の薬を子供に投与することを許可します。

I hereby give permission for staff at Summer Program to treat my child for minor abrasions if necessary. In the event where emergency medical treatment is required and where the parents cannot be contacted or there is no time to contact parents prior to treatment, I authorize the school to seek emergency medical treatment for my child. I understand that I will be notified of any additional medical aid given.


I grant permission.required同意する


Letter of Consent (同意書)

1. Absence from school:

  • All persons participating in the Summer Program absent due to any unwell symptoms will remain at home, and all siblings and/or family members sharing the same household will also remain at home.
  • Any unwell persons will require to be checked by a physician and submit a Physician’s Note in order to return back to school.  The nurse will communicate the student’s return date.
  • All persons participating in the Summer Program will be sent home when they exhibit any unwell symptoms while at school,  all siblings and/or family members sharing the same household will also be sent home.


  • サマープログラム参加者は全員、何らかの病気の症状がある場合はプログラムへの参加はできませんので自宅待機となりす。また、同居している兄弟姉妹やご家族も参加はできませんので同様に自宅待機となります。
  • サマープログラム参加者は全員、学校で何らかの病気の症状が出た場合は、直ちに帰宅となります。その際、同居してい 兄弟やご家族も一緒に帰宅します。
  • 体調不良でプログラムを欠席したり早引きする参加者は、登校する際に受診証明が必要となります。体調不良の参加者本人は、少くとも48時間は自宅待機になります.


2. TB Screening:

  • All persons participating in the Summer Program must submit a TB screening prior to their first day of attendance.  This is in compliance with the Health Policy of the Canadian Academy.
  • I will agree to submit my TB screening result valid within the last 6 months prior to the first day of the Summer Program in one of the following forms; PPD skin test, Chest x-ray, Blood Test, or School Health Record (TB screening) by the first day of school by email
  • If you are a current CA student who has submitted the TB screening, you will be exempt from this.


  • サマープログラム参加者は全員、カナディアン・アカデミーのHealth Policyに基づき結核の検査結果を必ず提出しければなりません。
  • 私は結核の検査として、サマープログラム初日前6ヶ月以内のツベルクリン反応,胸部レントゲン,血液検査の結果または, 日本の学校の生徒で学校が保管する健康診断結果のコピー初日までにメールで提出することに同意します。 
  • CAの在校生で, すでに結果を提出している場合 検査の必要はありません。 


3. Medication Policy: 

All participants in the 2022 Summer School Program are not permitted to carry any form of medication with them while the school is in session.   We ask that the students or their parents submit any required medication with the medication consent form to the Health Office on their arrival in the morning.  If you have access to any Emergency medication such as an Epi-Pen or inhaler, please leave it with the Health Office on the first day of summer school. The nurse will be administering the medication at the designated time or as needed. 


サマープログラム参加者は全員、どのような形態の薬もサマースクール中は、持ち歩くことはできません。 学校滞在中に投薬が必要な場合は、生徒または保護者が毎朝 登校時に投薬承諾書とともに必要な分だけナースに提出して下さい。



4. Student drop off and pick up:

All students will be dropped off and picked up outside of the entrance to the ELAC building.



5. Supervision in the morning and after school:

Summer program hours are from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Please do not send your child to school before 8:45. Please either pick up your child at or shortly after 3:00 PM or instruct him/her to return home soon after school finishes. We do NOT provide playground/gym supervision before 8:45 AM and after 3:00 PM.



6. Inappropriate Behaviour

Because there is no entrance exam or interview, Canadian Academy reserves the right to ask a student to leave, even after the start of summer school, if his or her behavior is repeatedly or extremely inappropriate.



7. Typhoon, earthquake, or other “acts of God”:

No refund for any summer program-related fees in the case of cancellation of the summer program and/or activities due to typhoon, earthquake, or other extreme events beyond the control of summer program staff. This includes the cancellation of the summer program due to epidemic outbreaks or any other government-mandated closures. In case of school closure, we will announce it on our school website by 7am.



8. Privacy Policy:

Canadian Academy Summer Program only collects personal information necessary to administer the program. All information will be kept confidential under the Personal Information Protection Law, and will not be disclosed to any third parties or be used for purposes other than to administer the program.

個人情報の保護について: お子様およびご家族に関する個人情報については、プログラム運営上必要な範囲においてご提出いただいています。これらの情報は、個人情報保護法のもと、適正に管理・使用し、同意を得ることなくプログラム運営以外の目的に利用することはありません。


9. For non-Canadian Academy students:

Enrollment in CA Summer Program does not guarantee your child’s acceptance as a full-time student at Canadian Academy.


I approve of the above statements.同意する

Photo and video permission:

Throughout the program students and staff will be taking photographs and video of their learning and fun. Most of this will take place at school and some outside. We will be posting them on our website for parents and students to see, and possibly be used for brochures/flyers for the following year. Our conduct will of course adhere to the CA rules already in place regarding use of student photos, and normal safety precautions will be followed at all times.


I grant permission to photograph and use my child’s photograph for brochures/flyers同意する
Parents Namerequired
日付​​ (Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format)

Payment Information

Please select a payment typerequired
Billing Addressrequired
Cardholder Namerequired
<p>Fees may be paid by bank transfer at any branch of MUFG Bank. All banking fees are to be paid by you.</p> <p>MUFG Bank, Ltd./三菱UFJ銀行(0005)<br /> Sannomiya Branch/三宮支店 (462)<br /> Savings/普通 AC#3353216<br /> ガク) カネデイアン.アカデミイ</p> <p>Your registration is not complete until we have received notification that the bank transfer has occurred and you will be notified by email.</p>

Contact email: