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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


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We value our long-term corporate partners, who make meaningful contributions to Canadian Academy.

Corporate Contribution Plan

Any corporation responsible for the educational expenses of their expatriate workers may be eligible to participate in the Corporate Contribution Plan, or “CCP”, as part of a special agreement established with the Japanese National Tax Agency in 1978.

Companies participating in the CCP can benefit from certain reductions in their corporate taxes, as well as avoiding the grossing up tax impact of educational expenses for employees.

Students attending Canadian Academy as part of the CCP agreement generate additional income for the school and thus contribute to the richness of CA’s programs, facilities, and opportunities.  

Because of this, the CCP is a vitally important aspect of the school’s operating and financial model and one which the school strongly encourages all eligible corporations to fully consider.

In recognition of the above, participating in the CCP is the only way for corporations to guarantee that eligible expatriate children will be accepted to CA, subject to meeting entrance criteria, as CCP corporations are able to bypass waiting lists.


Fee Structure for Corporations

We recognize that finding the right school for their family is one of the main concerns of expatriate workers when corporations are considering relocating personnel to Kobe and Osaka. 

Canadian Academy is grateful for the long-standing trust of the corporate community in Kansai and is proud to be an integral part of the infrastructure which makes the region an attractive location for existing and prospective corporations.

Corporations are expected to contribute meaningfully to the life of the school and have repeatedly done so through sponsorship of facilities and scholarships, provision of world-class opportunities to students through internships and other learning activities, and participation in school governance.  

Those corporations whose ongoing presence in the school community has been pre-eminent both in terms of enrollment and engagement are recognized with gratitude as long-term strategic partners.

The school assesses tuition and other fees for corporations with five or more employee children enrolled at Canadian Academy according to the schedule linked below.

View Tuition and Fees information for corporations.

CA Long-Term Strategic Partners