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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Welcome to the wonderful world of Early Childhood!

At Canadian Academy, your child will explore the world around them by asking questions, making connections in a warm, caring, and child-centered environment.

Play-based Learning

Most learning in Early Childhood happens through play - when children's intellectual and learning capacity is at its highest. The Early Childhood Center is a place for wonder, excitement, and discovery.

The characteristics of the learning and development of young children are truly valued and nurtured. We listen to our children’s thinking, theories, and questions carefully and help them to enjoy the discoveries and mysteries found in all aspects of life. The children who join us in Pre-K/KA and Kindergarten are all given the opportunity to learn and grow with the pace and challenges appropriate to their unique development.

Developing Self Confidence

Children move on from the Early Learning Center as confident, capable, and ready for the next chapter in their educational journey.

They are enthusiastic and practiced readers, they are creative thinkers, curious mathematicians and budding scientists, seeing the world as an exciting place to explore and make discoveries.

Our Early Childhood children enjoy learning alongside their peers and adults, and are caring and genuine when interacting with others. The Early Childhood Center at Canadian Academy is a magical and safe place to grow and enjoy the first years of school - we invite you to come and see for yourself.

The Importance of Play

Children take part in rich learning experiences through a balance of play and playful learning, relevant to their stages of growth and maturity.

In all types and stages of play, children are refining what it means to create, innovate, explore, and develop as active learners. Our early learners develop their creativity, learn to be flexible thinkers, and develop social skills.

Play, alongside engaging instruction, challenges students with multiple opportunities for cognitive growth to reach a variety of learning objectives.



Image of the Child

Children are capable, competent, curious and creative. We view children as active collaborators in their learning, with personal interests and strengths. Natural curiosity leads children to discovery and new ideas, which are then nurtured through social interactions and developmentally appropriate teaching.

Students are nurtured to become and remain:

  • curious
  • imaginative
  • creative
  • self-directed
  • responsible
  • resilient
  • persistent
  • empathetic

Early Childhood Environment

Purpose built for our Early Learners, our stimulating learning environments at foster positive relationships, communication and independence.

Space: We promote the flexible use of spaces based on students changing needs, interests and wonderings.

Time: Both structured and unstructured time of various lengths for investigation and discovery are provided.

Resources: Engaging and organized resources to stimulate thinking including technology, multi-sensory and natural materials both indoors and outdoors.

Atmosphere / Climate: Our nurturing environment of empathy and caring has a positive impact on social and emotional wellbeing and encourages students to continually seek out new challenges.

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