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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


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A typical day in the Early Learning Activities Center

Morning routine 8:40

We have morning circle every day.


A typical Early Childhood school day consists of community learning on the carpet, reading books and writing stories and books, inquiring into sciences and systems, numbers, and learning how to learn independently and with others. 

Our Early Learning Activities Center is a purpose-built space for our youngest learners, with art and music rooms, as well as a maker space and library.

Upstairs is a full-sized gymnasium that is shared with our grade 1-5 students. Secondary students have a second gymnasium for themselves.

Snacktime at 10:00

Snacks outside with friends!


Our days are healthy and balanced as children will have plenty of opportunities to spend time in the playground. Outside, a secure playground includes a mini-futsal area, water tables, a slide and mini-climbing wall, as well as plenty of space to ride a tricycle.

On rainy days, our students can take advantage of our multi-purpose room-- a great place to move and shake.

Lunch at 12:30

It's been a busy morning- I'm hungry!



Literacy and numeracy are introduced in age-appropriate ways in our 3 and 4 year old programs, and more formally in our Kindergarten B class. Students are well prepared to enter grade one from the following school year.

Art at 14:05

We have an art room just for us!


After lunch and lunch playtime, PreK/KA students may be taking a nap after the busy morning whilst Kindergarten  students continue their active learning.

At the end of the day, parents will gather outside the classroom doors to meet their children, or the child may take part in our after school club program.

It has been a good day in the Early Childhood!






The day in the Early Childhood starts with cheerful good mornings and greetings between children, parents, and school leadership team members.

Children enter the building with their parents, leave their material in their cubbies, and join other children in the Early Childhood playground.

Teachers and assistants welcome students at the classroom doors.



Reading time 9:30

I love reading- and being read to!




Plenty of play time is built into our 3 and 4 year old schedule, as we know children of this age learn through play and social interactions. Working together, children grow to be open-minded and capable collaborators and learners.


Recess at 11:00

We have so much space just for us.



Lunch can either be brought from home or provided by Cezars Kitchen, our school meal service. 

Cezars delivers freshly made nutritious obento from the kitchen in our main building.

Literacy at 12:20

Look at me, I can express myself!



Every day students will also meet either a visual art, music, Physical education, Japanese, technology teacher or librarian who will enrich the learning for that day.

The Early Childhood assistants are always with the children including class time, lunch time, and outdoor play times.

After School Clubs

I like making stuff.